Student Life

As a well-established institution, Berea Tech is geared up to provide its students with a complete educational package right from the start. In addition, the college’s fees are highly competitive, with various payment options available. Fees include textbooks, support classes, practical lessons and access to free internet.

National (N) diploma graduates also have access to Berea Tech’s student placement programme, which facilitates employment or in-service training placements for these graduates.

The institution employs a full-time counsellor to assist students in addressing issues of concern affecting them.

As a city campus, Berea Tech has created the perfect ambience conducive to studying and learning. It has used the city as a learning experience, and balanced this with a campus that is fit for its purpose – a unique environment indeed.

The college boasts pleasant rooftop recreational areas where students can relax and socialise in between classes. The only student rooftop of its kind in the Durban CBD, it adds an extra dimension to student life at Berea Tech, where academic activities are punctuated with various popular student events held throughout the year.

Aligned to the needs and requirements of the workplace, Berea Tech’s accredited courses and qualifications enable students to develop their skills, access quality employment opportunities and build successful careers.


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